Joel L. Dahnke, Esquire PLC

. . . . . Experience to Protect and Defend Your Business Interests

Joel L. Dahnke has extensive experience with sophisticated business and commercial litigation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the State of Maryland.  He has litigated numerous cases involving breach of contract, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, employment agreements, real estate matters, and business torts (interference with contract, interference with prospective business, breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy to interfere with trade or business).

Mr. Dahnke brings his understanding and real life business and transactional experience to bear on your business litigation matters - often avoiding costly litigation in the first place.  When litigation cannot be avoided, practical experience and understanding of business and real estate agreements and transactions provides a real advantage in the litigation process and the courtroom.  Because we are not a large firm, the attorneys you meet are the attorneys that work on your case.  Your important business matter is not delegated to inexperienced associates that you have not met and that you do not know, as can often happen in litigation matters handled by larger law firms.  While the quality of our services are the same, the fees and hourly rates are substantially more competitive than those charged by big firms.

To help our clients make an informed decision on their response to a new litigation matter, the firm applies its extensive experience in complex commercial litigation and knowledge of the court where the litigation is pending to provide our clients with an early evaluation of the merits of the case, possible outcomes, and estimated costs likely to be incurred in litigating the case.  With the necessary basic information in hand, we work closely with our clients to adopt the litigation strategy and plan to address our client’s business needs and to protect our client’s business and reputation

In all cases, the firm seeks to provide its services in an efficient manner though the use of the appropriate personnel and technology.  Our goal is to achieve the best and most cost-effective outcome in litigation, through effective communication with our clients.  To accomplish this goal, the attorney you hired for your case is readily available to discuss all aspects of the case with you.  At the same time, you will be kept informed of the status of the litigation and upcoming events intended to accomplish the planned litigation strategy for your case.


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