Of Counsel with Caulkins & Bruce, P.C.

        Joel L. Dahnke is Of Counsel with the Arlington, Virginia law firm of Caulkins & Bruce, P.C., which continues the law practice relationship dating back to 1996 during which Mr. Dahnke was partners with Scott Caulkins in the well known firm Cohen, Gettings & Dunham, P.C.  Mr. Dahnke has teamed with Mr. Caulkins and other lawyers with Caulkins & Bruce, P.C. on many substantial complex business litigation cases in State and Federal court cases involving breach of contract, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, employment agreements, real estate matters, and business torts (interference with contract, interference with prospective business, breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy to interfere with trade or business).

In addition, Mr. Dahnke has worked with his colleagues at Caulkins & Bruce, P.C. on a wide variety of business matters, including complex business contracts and transactions, including stock and asset sales.  Mr. Dahnke's Of Counsel relationship permits him to bring a strong team to legal matters that demand additional personnel or involve the special areas of franchise development and franchise related litigation.

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